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New Bikes Coming this Spring!

Introducing the new Quadrini Mini-FAT Folding Bike

Coming in Spring, 2018, Bob Nuttleman, owner of the Quadrini E-Bikes line of electric bicycles in Northampton, MA, is bringing a new model to the e-bike market.

Introducing the new Quadrini Mini-Fat-Tire Folding Bike!

Equipped with a 48-volt battery, 500 watt motor, hydraulic brakes, 9-speed controller, integrated front light, both front and rear suspension, front and rear mud guards, and tons of fun!

With mammoth 4-inch fat tires, these bikes are great for soft, off-road terrain. Works on the beach, in snow, and rough trails.

When they arrive in April, 2018, these amazing bikes will sell out! Call Bob at 800-618-1512 to reserve yours, and take a test ride on the sample bike at the shop in downtown Florence, MA.

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