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New Promo Video for Quadrini Mini Max Folding e-Bike

Shot in Northampton, MA, by Mik Muller of Montague WebWorks, and featuring Bob Nuttelman on the bike

Quadrini-USA, the importer of Quadrini Electric Assist Bicycles for north America, based in Florence, MA, has just released their first promotional video for the Quadrini Mini Max folding electric bike. Take a look!

The video was shot on Mik Muller's iPhone 6 in the parking lot outside the Quadrini USA headquarters in Florence, MA. Bob Nuttelman drives up in Mik's VW Eat-A-Jet, pulls the Quadrini Mini Max out of the back, unfolds it, puts on his bike helmet, and drives off onto the NoHo to Amherst Rail Trail bike path, all in 90 seconds!

The Mini Max is a piece of cake to unfold and ride.

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